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At Starlight Stained Glass we can provide you with a full glazing repair service from full windows and panels to the smallest piece of missing stained or coloured glass.

Where possible, all repairs will be carried out on-site although sometimes, especially with leaded lights (stained glass) or leaded windows for example, it will be necessary to remove the damaged panel(s) in order to provide a permanent repair. In these cases temporary glazing will be used to provide security until the repairs are complete.

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Is it Stained Glass or is it a Leaded Light?

These days both terms are used to describe the same end product, i.e. a window created by using small pieces of coloured glass (etched and sandblasted glass may also be used) held together with lead, to produce a dramatically effective glass panel design.

In truth it is only Stained Glass if either (or both) paint and stain were applied during its creation, a process that has now given way to the use of coloured glass today.

Leaded Lights should not only be thought of as windows, interior glass panels and cupboard doors can also be leaded to great effect.





Leaded Windows

It is common for people to think of Leaded Windows as being intricate designs made from stained and/or coloured glass.

This is not necessarily the case as many windows can benefit from patterns utilising only lead, i.e. no coloured or stained glass is used.

Leaded Windows can be made in two different ways each differing in the amount of work required and subsequently cost.

The window can be produced using traditional methods as if it were a Stained glass window or Leaded Light. As this process requires new windows to be made, or your current windows to be removed during the process it is very time consuming and ultimately quite expensive. Despite this, we offer extremely competitive prices on all our repairs and replacements in Manchester.

A second, and much cheaper option, is for the design to be produced to scale on paper which is then used as a template in order to attach self-adhesive lead strip to your current windows. As this process can be carried out with your current windows in place it is much quicker, but no less effective than more traditional methods. We can carry out both methods to the highest standard.

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