Stained & Leaded Glass Design Manchester

During the design process a number of important issues need to be taken into account.

For example the position and size of the window can affect the available light within the room/property and security and safety are of prime concern especially in relation to building regulations regarding the use of safety glass within certain areas of the home.

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Toughened & Laminated Safety Glass

Toughened glass is made by a process which makes it approximately 3 or 4 times more resistant to breaking.

This is just one of the many ways that are team can provide more security to your glass window.

Laminated is heavier than toughened glass and is made by sandwiching sheets of thinner glass around a plastic layer. When struck, laminated glass will crack but should remain in one piece, which will again help with the security of both commercial and domestic properties.





Double Glazed Glass Units

At Starlight Stained Glass we always work with you to provide windows to your exact specification and design.

With many years of experience, we will create finished glass windows that always meet your high expectations and stay in great condition for many years to come.

This process may be through sketched designs or photographs of your own, or our interpretation of designs that you describe to us, after all we are not all blessed with artistic talents and sometimes it is easier to put into words what you can’t draw on paper. Once the design is sorted, we will ensure to provide your personal stained or leaded glass in the image you are after

At all stages of the design process, you will be kept informed of our progress and will obviously have opportunities to request changes to the designs that have been produced.

Don’t forget we may produce the design, but it will always be your window.

We can remove your existing stained/leaded glass windows which involves the following;

We remove your existing stained/leaded windows we replace them with temporary glass whilst we either repair or restore the panels depending on there condition then we put them into sealed double glazed units which is called Encapsulating which means putting your stained/leaded window between two sheets of glass making it triple glazed.

We can in some cases keep your existing frames if they are in good condition and have the right section suitable to double glaze.

We do provide a bespoke frame service in either Timber or pvc depending on the clients specifications.

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To start on your bespoke design today or to find out more about the design process with Starlight Stained Glass, call us today. We will provide a professional service within Manchester, providing you with quality designs so call now onĀ 0161 480 6955.