Bespoke Doors and Frames in Didsbury

Our experienced team at Starlight Stained Glass design and create bespoke doors and frames for customers in Didsbury and the surrounding areas. Whether you want a traditional Victorian entrance to your home or a more modern style, we cater to all types of designs.

Many traditional styles of entranceways include stained glass. As specialists in the design, repair and installation of this product our bespoke doors and frames can be designed to incorporate it or not, depending on your specifications.

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Styles to Choose From

Whether you want a traditional or modern aesthetic for your doors and windows in Didsbury, our team has years of experience working with a variety of designs. We can help you to create something that suits your specifications.

There are many different aesthetic styles and you can choose the one that matches your current building’s age or your personal preference. Some of the types to choose from include:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Georgian
  • Modern

Traditional properties often have quite decorative entrances. For example, a Victorian or Georgian front entranceway may have stained glass sidelights with floral patterned designs. Our team can plan and fabricate bespoke doors and frames with or without stained glass, depending on your requirements.

If you want a modern design that is more minimalist we are happy to help. Please get in touch with us today for more information about our bespoke doors and frames.





Our Services

Our team offers a range of services in Didsbury and the surrounding areas. Some of these include:

  • Bespoke Windows, Frames and Doors
  • Stained Glass Repairs and Restoration
  • Stained Glass Design and Installation
  • Toughened and Laminated Safety Glass

When repairing existing windows we can cater to both small and major damage such as a small crack or missing pane. Most of our work can be carried out on-site but if it has to be taken away for repairs, temporary glass is installed to ensure the safety of your property.

Once any work has been completed, our experts can offer advice on preventative maintenance to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. This can include anything from washing to minor repairs. Installing a slamming stile is a great way of preventing damage to your door, glass panes and walls.

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Advantages of Stained Glass

We are specialists in repairing, designing, creating and installing stained glass windows. At first glance, an individual may assume that this feature is not a great insulator or that it requires a lot of maintenance but that is not the case.

Some of the benefits of this decorative feature include:

  • Adds Value to Your Property
  • Privacy and Security
  • Customisable
  • Decorative
  • Increases Saleability

The design of the stained glass can be personalised to suit your aesthetic tastes and practical requirements. It can be laminated or toughened to provide security for your property and double-glazed to save money on heating and bills.

Every piece is unique which is highly desirable for many potential buyers. Therefore, having stained glass in and around your front entrance can make it more valuable for future saleability.

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To find out more about bespoke doors and frames or any of our other services in Didsbury and the surrounding areas, please call us on 0161 480 6955 or 07769 690 416. Alternatively, send a message to a member of our team via email on or through the contact form for a prompt response.

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